Play For My Fundraiser (PFMF) puts the control of how much money you want to raise without ANY solication of donations.

PFMF fundraising system is so simple the first question we hear is usually, “whats the catch” ?

Quite simply, the only “catch” is how fast our system design is to “catching on”?

Quite honestly, anyone who follows our simple system will find this will be the only fundraising event you will need per year. The funds you raise is essentially limited by your decision of how much you want to raise.


Over 20 years ago when I needed to raise money for my Youth Group/Student Ministry, God gave me the idea to have a Golf Tournament that was played over a TIME period of a month rather than on ONE day. I called it the “Play When You Can” tournament. It was very successful because of the :

  • FLEXIBILITY it gave the players to choose their own day to play
  • LIMITED amount of energy that was required by me (as student leader)
  • CONTROL the student had on making as much as they wanted for their ministry account

Since I owned a golf course, it was very easy for me to support my own student group and offer them an awesome deal for each student to make $100 per “golf tournament team” they signed up to play, with no limit on how many they sold. It is by far one of the quickest and simplest methods for students to raise money through a fundraiser (other than soliciting donations). Some of my students sold 3 or 4 team packages while others only sold one or two.

Recently, we decided to open this up to EVERYONE !

If you want to be one of the exclusive groups that’s raising tons of cash fast, call me and I will get you started. It only takes a few minutes. Your students (or workers) can be earning fast cash